Saturday, July 18, 2009

700 Pastors attend Deeper Life Pastors Conference

About 700 Pastors attended the Deeper Life Pastors Conference which was hosted by Dr.David Williams .
The Conference was held on Monday 13th July 2009 at Apostolic Christian Assembly at Purasaiwakkam in Chennai.
Pastor Stanley Vasu served as the Conference Director and was ably assisted by Conference Coordinators Pastor Victor Rajamani and Pastor Jerome along with their team members.
The Conference began with praise and worship by Pastor Victor Rajamani . Pastor Stanley Vasu welcomed the Pastors to the Conference. Pastor Pratap Singh offered the opening prayer. Pastor Henry Joseph served as the Chairman for the Conference and inaugurated the Conference .
Dr.David Williams was accompanied by his wife Mrs. Helen Williams and their children daughters Christina and Andrea and son Damien. The Williams family ministered in song and music which was a great blessing to everyone.Pastor Stanley Vasu assisted in interpreting the message into Tamil.
Dr. David Williams shared his remarkable testimony of a supernatural deliverance from the hands of evil doers who had taken him captive and threatened to kill him . This brief word of testimony was followed by a short exhortation by Mrs. Helen Williams who reiterated the faithfulness of God during her husbands captivity.
Dr.David Williams then ministered the Word of God to the vast gathering of Pastors. He spoke of the deep work that the Lord wants to do in three areas in the life of every Pastor.
1. His Personal Life
2. His Family Life
3. His Ministry .
Dr.David Williams urged every Pastor to set things right in these three areas as otherwise the Lord was warned that Judgement will begin in the House of God. He urged the Pastors to make use of the grace of God which is freely available now. The message deeply challenged the pastors as Dr.Williams gave numerous examples from his own life of the good ness and the faithfulness of God. He closed the first session by leading the Pastors in a prayer of committment .
Pastor Owen Roberts ministered in the second session . He began by sharing deep insights from the life of Abraham who is a role model for all beleivers. He highlighted 10 qualities from the life of Abraham. 1. CHOSEN ABRAHAM 2.FAITHFUL ABRAHAM 3.OBEDIENT ABRAHAM 4. GOD FEARING ABRAHAM 5. INTERCEDING ABRAHAM 6. ABRAHAM- A FRIEND OF GOD 7.ABRAHAM - A PROPHET OF GOD 8.ABRAHAM- GOD'S SERVANT 9.FATHER ABRAHAM 10. THE GOD OF ABRAHAM.
Pastor Owen Roberts then explained the various qualities of holy men of God from the examples mentioned in the scriptures. He used illustration from 8 men namely 1. MOSES ( Deuteronomy 33:1) 2. SAMUEL( 1 Samuel 9:6-10) 3. DAVID ( 2 Chronicles 8:14) 4.ELIJAH ( 1 Kings 17:18) 5. ELISHA ( 2 Kings 4:7) 6.SHEMIAH ( 2 Chronicles 11:2 ) 7.HANAN ( Jeremiah 35:4) 8. TIMOTHY (1 Timothy 6:11) . All the Pastors were deeply touched and impacted by the word of God which came forth with great power and authority.
The Conference ended with closing prayer by Pastor Henry Joseph. Pastor Stanley Vasu then proposed the vote of thanks expressing his gratitude to the Lord and to everyoned who played a part to make the conference a great success.
All the pastors were given a gift of a bible bag. Among those pastors who came on time , 3 selected pastors were presented with a musical instrument triple congo drums to be used in their churches.
A delicious fellowship lunch was served to all the pastors at the end of the conference. The response among the pastors who participated in this Deeper Life Pastors Conference was unanimous that this was surely a conference with a difference.
We thank God for Dr.David Williams who hosted this great conference. We request your prayers for the ministry of Dr.David Williams as he continues to sacrifice his time and resources to build the Kingdom of God in India .

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